General Industry

Described below are just a few of the diverse types of general industry projects for which we manufacture gears and other components.

Leisure and Outdoor Sports

Koro has manufactured gear sets for fishing reels for over 30 years. Customers from this industry have repeatedly involved us in their prototype development and subsequent production runs. We work closely with fishing reel manufacturers to produce quiet, smooth and reliable gears to meet market demand.

Scientific Research and Instrumentation

One example of parts we make for scientific instrumentation is a set of custom precision gears used to switch the lenses of a microscope, rotating the available lenses in a circle for selection by the user.

Show Ring Gear with Mating Worm

Koro gears are assembled into an un-manned remote control device that travels along the ocean floor to collect data. This RC vehicle is used for various applications including tracking the condition of underwater pipelines, sending photographs and other data to maintenance crews on the ocean surface.

Clocks and Timing Devices

Koro Industries manufactures gears and component parts for clock manufacturers. Our gears are also found in a variety of timing devices, some of which are manufactured for the U.S. military.

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