Koro Industries recently received the highest possible ratings in all indexes from one of their long-time aviation customers.  With a delivery index of 100%, a quality index of 100% and an overall quality index of 100%, Koro Industries is considered an "Outstanding" supplier by this leading aviation instrumentation manufacturer. Ratings provided by the "Supplier Quarterly Performance Rating" report for the period 01/02/2019 thru 03/29/2019.
"Steve will work with me on small jobs or big ones. He is willing to spend the time to get it right. With Koro, you know you're not going to leave dissatisfied. If the problem can be solved, they will solve it. Everyone there is very conscientious about quality. Another positive is Koro's 50 plus years of experience. Steve has been there since the beginning, he knows everything about gear cutting. We are all trying to help our customers and sometimes, they don't know where to go with a particular problem. It's nice to have Koro to turn to, to run the jobs I don't run in my plant. They also sharpen hobs, which is very convenient for me."
"Koro Industries shows an attention to detail and quality above other vendors.  When others have tried and failed to produce intricate parts for us, Koro has shone for us many times by manufacturing top quality parts and delivering on time.  Communication throughout the ordering and manufacturing process is excellent.  Koro has become more than just another vendor, they've become a key partner in the success of our business."
“We value you [Koro] as a supplier and look forward to continued business. Your ability to meet delivery dates with top quality parts is unparalleled. Thank you for all you do.”
Koro Industries received a delivery index of 100%, a quality index of 100% and an overall quality index of 100%. A value >99% is considered to be a rating of “Outstanding” by our customer. Deliveries for this customer are scheduled via a Kanban fulfillment system from which Koro receives daily triggers. This information is taken from the Supplier Quarterly Performance Rating for the period 01/04/2016 thru 03/31/2016.
“Koro far exceeds competitors. There have been a number of times when we have chosen another vendor to receive a better price and they have failed with quality. We have come to Koro with minute urgent orders and they have come through offering the quality we need in the time frame they promised.” Koro Industries has saved us […] from a number of binds and we are thankful to have them as a vendor…” and, “Keep up the great work!”

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